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How can I participate in a Green Whimsy sale?

You can sell your items as a consignor: Once you register, you prepare/price your items and drop them off at the sale during the designated drop off time. We sell them for you.

You can shop:Check the website for shopping times for our upcoming sales.

Are you a franchise? Do you have locations in other cities?

No, Green Whimsy is a local independent business started and run by Aleisha Gurrie and her family. We started doing events in the Madison area and are expanding. We also provide the technology for other consignment sale events. If you are interested in partnering with us or using our technology, please contact us.

What type of events/sales do you do?

We do mainly consignment sales for scrapbooking/craft supplies, toys and household/vintage, however we are open to other ideas. Feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

How often do you have sales?

Currently we do many sales a year. Be sure to join our mailing list or follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on upcoming sales.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and major credit/debit cards (Visa/MasterCard/Discover). We do not accept checks.

Do I need to bring my own bag?

In the spirit of being green, we encourage you to bring your own reusable bag. If that is not possible, don't worry, we will have plenty on hand.

Is there a charge for parking?

No, we do not charge a parking fee.

Is there an admission charge?

No, we do not charge admission for our public sale days, however, we may have tickets for our presale day available for purchase.

Can children come with me to shop?

While we love children, we don't encourage children coming with as the sales can be crowded and you want to focus all of your attention on shopping. Please use your best judgment when bringing them. :-)

Can I bring a cart, wagon, bin or other type of large container to use to shop?

If the sale has space to permit your container, we will be happy to allow it. If not, we might just ask you to leave it at the door to allow others to continue to move around more freely.

Are prices high? Or are they more like garage sales?

Consignors price their own items and we encourage them to price to sell! The earlier you shop, the better selection of merchandise and prices.

Is there a way to shop early?

Yes. Consignors shop first (consider selling some of your item so you can shop during the presale).

We also sell 'Shop Early' reusable bags that will get you in to special 'Shop Early Bag' presales at many of our events. Click the 'Shop' link on the menu to purchase a bag.

I purchased some things that I decided I don't want - can I return them?

We do not accept returns, however, if you purchased an item that is defective, please let us know before the end of the sale and we will handle those situations on an individual basis.

If you've purchased some items that you no longer want, why not consign them at our next sale?

I saw some items I want but didn't purchase them - will they be at the next sale?

Each sale is unique - some consignors may return, but many are new, and the items they bring are unique to each sale as well.

Why should I sell my items at a Green Whimsy Sale?

We are currently the largest event in the area for selling your scrapbooking, stamping and other craft supplies plus we occasionally do toy and vintage/collectible sales! Selling at our sales lets you avoid the hassles of selling at a garage sale or online.

Selling is as easy as 1-2-3:

We LOVE what we do. We are very happy to be helping our community by providing a venue for buying and selling unused items in a common location. We believe everyone who participates benefits. We are local and proud of it!

Do I have to stay to sell my items?

No, you drop them off and we sell them for you. You can watch your sales online during the sale. You get your check at the end of the sale.

Does it cost to participate?

There is a registration fee for each event which helps with the venue rental, advertising, etc. You earn 65% on your sales. Add an extra 10% if you take your earnings in Green Whimsy credit to be used at ANY upcoming Green Whimsy event. The percentage that goes to Green Whimsy helps run the sale.

Why do I have to pay the consignor fee up front?

Because our sales are popular and we have limited space, we need to 'reserve' your spot. We've found that sometimes people sign up and then don't show up, thus taking up space that could have been used by another seller. When we charge the fee up front, there tend to be fewer no-shows.

How should I price my items?

A good rule of thumb is to price them at what you'd be willing to pay for them at a consignment sale. 25% to 40% of retail is a suggestion, but use your best judgement.

Do all of my items have to go to 1/2 price on the last day?

Generally, the answer is yes - remember you brought your items to sell them.

Shoppers love getting things at 1/2 price, and we want to be able to let them know that ALL items are 1/2 price on the sale day!

If they didn't sell at full price, then perhaps they were priced a little higher than shoppers wanted to pay - they may sell at 1/2 price and you won't have to take them home! We do realize that there may be a few certain 'special' items that you don't want to go to half price. If that is the case, then we will allow you to pick those item(s) up before the 1/2 price sale so that they are not included. Please let us know at drop off if you have any such items.

Can I have someone else drop my items off or pick up my unsold items?

Of course you can - just let us know beforehand so that we can make proper arrangements.

Who gets the items that are left at the end of the sale?

Items left after pick up become the property of Green Whimsy. We try to find local charities that are looking for the items we have left over. Each sale may have a unique charity, so please feel free to ask what charity we are donating to if you are interested.

How do you advertise the sale?

We are currently using newspaper and online advertising as well as postcards/presale passes, yard signs and car magnets. If you'd like to help by putting up a yard sign or two, displaying magnets on your car or handing out flyers, please let us know. If you have suggestions, we'd love to hear them.

How soon after the sale will I receive my check?

We try to have checks ready at unsold item pick up. If for some reason that isn't possible, they will be mailed the next business day.

Do I have to hand write the tags?

NO! We have our own online tagging/barcoding system that allows you tag using your computer.  You can
a) easily enter your tags - really, it is easy, login to your account and click 'My Tags' to check it out.
b) watch your sales during the sale - we update your sales in your tagging account throughout the day during the sale, so you can see your sales in almost 'real time'
c) print your tags on paper or several styles of labels. You can get up to 30 tags per page!

Can I get a list of my sold items?

Yes, you can print a list of your sold items from the tagging site. Occasionally we might have to manually enter an item so it won't show up on your sales, but it will be included in your check.

How can I increase the odds of my items selling?

Make sure they are priced right and packaged well. When the packaging is as attractive as the price, guess what? Your items sell! We encourage you to make your own 'displays' using crates, boxes, tubs, racks or whatever display items you choose. You can price the containers to sell or mark them with your consignor number and 'not for sale' and they will be returned to you at the end of the sale.

Do I have to come and sort my own unsold items at the end of the sale?

No - part of the fees we collect help to pay for our workers to sort everything for you. If you choose to pick up your unsold items, you just need to show up during the designated pick up time and your items will be separated for you.

Can I bring a friend to shop with me at the consignor pre-sales?

No - it wouldn't be fair to other consignors if we let non-consignors in as well. If they'd like their own presale pass, they can purchase a 'shop early' bag on our website (click 'Shop' on the menu) - or better yet, convince them to consign as well!