Selling at Green Whimsy Events

Clean out your craft rooms, closets, toy boxes and play rooms and make cash! Sign up to sell at one of our upcoming sales today!

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Why Sell Your Stuff at Green Whimsy?

How to Sell Your Stuff at Green Whimsy

  1. Register

  2. Sign up online
    • Login to your account.
    • Click the "My Events" link.
    • Sign up for each event you would like to sell at.

    You don't need to be signed up for a sale to start entering tags.   You do need to sign up for each event you want to sell at.

  3. Prepare Items to Sell
  4. Check each specific sale for details on what types of items you can bring.  Items that are recalled, dirty, damaged or have smoke or other odors will not be accepted.

  5. Tag Items
  6. Login to your account, then click "My Tags" and you can enter away! You don't have to be signed up for a sale to create tags.  You set the prices.  You can print on plain paper or format the tags to print on several Avery products including labels.  Make sure tag is securely on each item.

    No Time to Tag?   Would you rather have us tag your items or possibly buy them outright?  Contact us at

  7. Drop Off Items
  8. Drop off your prepared items during designated consignor drop off times at the event site noted in the Event Listing.

  9. Shop
  10. Consignors can shop before everybody else during the special consignor pre-sales. Check Event Listing for times.

  11. Pick Up Unsold Items
  12. You may pick up your items during pick up times noted in the Event Listing.  Any items left after the designated pick up time will become the property of Green Whimsy.

  13. Get Paid
  14. Your check will be available at pick up.  If you don't pick it up, it will be mailed within a day or two of the sale end.

What Can You Sell?

Each event has specific requirements for what can be sold.  Sometimes space is an issue so we have to limit certain types of items.  In general for the crafting supply sales, any crafting suppply can be sold as long as it is in usable condition.  Be sure to check the event signup for any additional instructions.

If you are picking up your items, if possible, please bring your packaged and tagged crafting items in bins labeled with your name/consignor number that you can leave them displayed in at the sale.  Please try to group like items in each bin (smaller bins/boxes are fine too).  Items with several pieces should be bagged in clear ziploc baggies, tied or taped together.  The goal for all packaging is to keep all pieces of your items securely together.  This is a big sale with lots of people coming through. the more securely your items are packaged, the better!

Item Condition & Safety

All items must be clean, not smell of smoke or other odors, have no damage and include all pieces.

Use the WeMakeItSafer Search Tool to check your items for recalls. You are responsible for making sure your consigned items are safe!

Creating Your Tags

Login to Your Account and click 'My Tags' on the menu. Click the 'Add Tags' button.

Enter Your Tags


To view all of the tags you've entered, click the "Back to Tag List" button. From there you can edit or delete tags.

Tip: If you accidentally delete a tag, you can click the "Undelete Tags" button and a list of your deleted tags will appear. Select those that you want to restore and click the "UnDelete Selected" button to restore them.

Printing Your Tags

A great feature of our system is that you can print your tags in different formats to fit your needs.

We currently have 4 print formats:

What should I print on? Paper, Labels, Cardstock?

Remember, the goal to tagging your items is to make the tag as secure as possible on the item so that is less likely to become detached during the sale. We cannot sell items without a tag.

Plain paper:

Plain paper can be used for any item with a flat surface that can be taped over with clear tape.


Labels can be used for almost any item with a flat surface to stick to - please try to put the label in an area that won't damage the item when removed (ie the back of a book, not the front).

Cardstock or heavy paper (non-textured):

Cardstock is great for fabric or irregularly shaped items, such as bags, shoes, etc.   You can either attach with a safety pin or punch a hole in the tag (not over the price or barcode) and attach with a string, ribbon or tag gun.

Be sure to follow print instructions on the page, especially when printing 30 to a page.

Attaching Your Tags

For non-fabric items, use either the label or tag with clear tape to attach to your item.

For fabric items, tags should be printed on heavy paper, if possible, and attached attach with a safety pin or punch a hole in the tag (not over the price or barcode) and attach with a string, ribbon or tag gun.

Make sure the tag price and description are visible and the barcode is flat so it is easy to scan.

Remember, the goal is to make sure the tag is securely fastened to the item, thus reducing the risk of it becoming detached during the sale.

Dropping Off Items Before the Sale

Registered Consignors bring your tagged items to the sale location during the designated times.

Drop off times/location are available for each sale by clicking the name of each sale on the main page of this site or by clicking the Sale Details link under each event on the 'My Events' page (you must Login to see the 'My Events' link).

Picking Up Items After the Sale

All unsold items that are not marked 'D' will be sorted and will need to be picked up during the designated time.

Pick up times/location are available for each sale by clicking the Sale Details link under each event on the 'My Events' page (you must login to see the 'My Events' link).

Shopping Early

Shop at the consignor pre-sale!

Registered consignors get the perk of shopping early during the sale they are consigning in.

Consignor Presale times are available for each event on the 'My Events' page (you must Login to see the 'My Events' link).

We accept cash, credit cards and Green Whimsy gift credit/gift certificates.

You will receive your check for 65% of your sales at unsold item pick up.

You can watch your sales online during the event by logging into your account and clicking the "My Tags" link on the left.  Sold tags will be displayed in green with the sale price and sale date.